Welcome to our November Newsletter…We have had a jam-packed term thus far.


Tenet Shield

Last term we introduced the Tenet Shield to our students. TKD was designed around the 5 Tenets; in the early years it was essential to live by these 5 principles to be truly known as a TKD practitioner.

The Tenets are as follows:







This shield is a special award that all students are able to win. The Tenet Shield has another special meaning as it is awarded in honour of Dylan Smith. He was a young student of ours who sadly lost his battle with cancer a few years ago at the age of 13. After speaking to his parents, we agreed that this shield would be a great way to remember Dylans life in a positive light and to learn and teach the meanings behind the 5 Tenets of TKD.


In my eyes, this is the most important award that I can give to my students. I am so proud to announce our first ever winners, who have shown over many years they are honest, caring, and hard-working young humans. The winners’ names are engraved on the back of the Tenet Shield. The winners also received their own mini shield to keep as a token of their achievements.


Congratulations to Thomas McManus and Izaak Smail.

QLD Challenge Cup Competition.

Over the weekend, we hosted the QLD Challenge Cup, and our club was well represented with 37 students competing. We are all so proud of how our students have competed throughout the year and it seemed fitting that our students had the opportunity to compete on Remembrance Day. Our team, young and old, battled and fought their way to a big haul of medals and I couldn’t be prouder of everyone.


Thank you to all families for supporting our competitions this year. Our school topped the medal tally with amazing results.

33 Gold

25 Silver

25 Bronze


It was amazing to see some of our first timers do so well and take home some medals.

To View more photos, join our Australian school of taekwon-do facebook page.

A special shout out to Young Kellen Edwards and Lila Maguire who received their Overall Junior Champion medallions from the National Championships in August… Junior National Champion has a good ring to it, and you should be really proud of your achievements.


All students will now turn their focus towards belt testing in class until the end of the term.

We have started our fitness tests this week and next week will begin scoring students on their required skills. All seniors can start their online exam that can be found on the website and remember that you will need to get 100% answers.


I will be awarding belts to all students once they have passed the scores needed. All Blue belts and higher will be required to attend the end of year performance to receive their new belts and certificates. The end of year performance will be for ALL juniors, seniors and black belts as we will be having our xmas party once it finishes.

Please mark down on your calendar the following events to finish 2023.

Saturday the 9th December will be the last class of the year. There will be the Grand masters seminar at Gumdale state school from 9 to 1pm. All senior students are expected to attend this ( sign up links will be sent out shortly).


Sunday the 10th December will be our end of the year performance showcase and testing for those applying for black belt and current black belts. I would love for all students to attend this if possible as we will have our TKD xmas party immediately following the showcase and testing.  It will go from roughly 9am to 1.30pm and i will send out more info next week.


Please lock these dates in!


Lets finish the year on a high and i look forward to seeing some real effort the next month to earn your new belts.


Chief Instructor Tom