It’s my favourite time of the year. Xmas carols, candy canes, and my students’ final chance to earn their new belts for the year.

The end-of-year grading is always the best! I find the students who have trained all year are feeling confident in their abilities and it usually shows on the floor.

Below are the details for all levels.


All juniors will conduct their testing in class. Once they achieve their required score, they will be handed their new belts. After this, they will start to help the other students achieve their new belts. The last day for Juniors to earn their new belt will be Saturday the 9th of December at the 9am–10am Gumdale class.

Seniors from White Belt to Green/Blue

All senior students Green/Blue Belt and under will work through their grading sheets in class, and once they have achieved their needed scores, will receive their new belts and certificates during class time. The last day for these students to receive their new belts will be Saturday the 9th of December at Gumdale.

Seniors from Blue Belt and Above

All Blue Belts and above are required to complete their grading form in class, attend the Grand Masters Seminar on Saturday the 9th of December, and then attend the Sunday Performance Test on Sunday the 10th of December. At the Sunday Performance, you will be awarded your new belts and certificates if successful.



On Saturday the 9th, the regular junior class at Gumdale from 9am–10am will still be running, but on one side of the gym. On the other side will be the Grand Master’s Seminar which also starts at 9am. This 1-hour class with me will be the last chance for any students under Blue Belt to earn their new belt. The senior class on Saturday will not be on.

Any students who have signed up for the Grand Master’s Seminar can join in once they finish the usual Saturday class.





We are extremely lucky to have such an active grand Master to run seminars, oversee our standards, and grade our senior students.

All students are welcome to attend, however, the Seminar is not suitable for young junior White Belts. The seminar will focus on self-defence applications and learning how to use the patterns we practice for self-defence and street-defence. We will also run through the Grand Masters Circle of Power program, which breaks down each principle of creating power.

All students below Blue Belt will finish at lunchtime around 1pm. All senior students will stay for an extra hour to run through the colour belt patterns under the Grand Master’s eye.

I will provide some sandwiches for lunch so bring a drink bottle and snack.


If you are unsure if the seminar will suit you or your children, please ask.


Please register below.




On Sunday the 10th of December all students are invited to attend our end-of-the-year performance at Gumdale State School. It will begin at 9am and finish around 11.30am.


  1. All students are welcome to attend to showcase their skills in front of a big crowd and the Grand Master of Australia.
  2. You will get to see several students performing and receiving their black belts and certificates.
  3. All parents, family and friends are encouraged to watch.
  4. The performance will be fun and challenging for all levels.
  5. Around 11.15 am we will hand out some awards, belts and certificates.
  6. Once finished we will begin the Xmas party and have some lunch.
  7. I recommend that you bring a change of clothes to get changed into for the Xmas party.
  8. If attending the Xmas party please bring a plate of food to share.
  9. I will provide a free sausage sizzle for all families.
  10. Until 1.30pm you can sit back and relax, play inside the hall or play some games out on the oval.

There is no need to book into the performance or Xmas party. If you want to be a part of it just turn up.


Thanks, Tom