Welcome to our first newsletter of 2024.


We had a lot of highlights last year and I am excited to see what the year ahead has in store for us. Thank you to all parents and students for returning to and supporting our TKD program in 2024.

We have had a really positive start to the year and I would like to welcome all of our new students/families to our TKD community.

I will admit that I am obsessed with TKD. The benefits that it can bring to young and old has no limits. When a student leaves their training, I always feel let down. My friends and family have always said to not take it personally and after nearly 17 years of teaching I can honestly say that it still affects me the same as the first student I lost. The reason is, I always feel like I could have given that student more and the reality is, I no longer have the ability to help them in their life journey. I often use this phrase as it has been true to me for nearly half my life, TKD will always be there for you, and it will never let you down.


Let’s get into some news!

On February 4th it will be exactly 20 years since I walked into my first class of TKD. I have had a lot of great moments, sore body parts, bad/good students and friendships over this time. I was a lost 22-year-old when I first walked into that first class and who would have thought it would be so life-changing? Maybe your 20 years (I am talking to you mums and dads) could start tomorrow!




If you visit our website you will find a calendar of our events for 2024. Please use this to check up on important dates, seminars and compettitons.



Gradings tests

All students will have 2 opportunities each year to grade and move up to a new belt. Our testing will be a 2 month process during class time, followed by a big performance test and ceremony on the below dates. The performance test is a great opportunity for all of your family and friends to attend to see the progress and appreciate the students hard work. Please ensure that you have these 2 dates locked away in your calender.

Sunday 16th June

Sunday 8thDecember



Our competition calendar will start in the coming months. Some of QLD’s finest TKD athletes and coaches will be running some seminars to kick the year off. Below are a few dates to lock into your calendar.

Sunday 25th February – Competition training and coaching at St Thomas Camp Hill – 8.30am to 12.30pm. If you are a beginner or have competed before, these seminars are a must to learn the new rules and get some competition focused training in.

Saturday 4th May  – SPAR WARS – This is a sparring only competition that our friends from a North lakes TKD school will run. Our school will be taking a team there so we will ramp up our sparring training as it gets closer.




This year we are looking for sponsors. If you run your own business or work at a business that you feel would be interested in helping our TKD school grow, please reach out to me. With so many different training venues we are always in need of more equipment, mats etc. With a little help, we can offer our students more opportunities in class and on the competition circuit.



If you like social media, please follow our Facebook page. I use it to welcome new students and write posts about our achievements. 




Wakerley Class (Meals on Wheels venue)

We decided this year to keep our Tuesday evening class at Wakerley from 5.30 to 7 pm. This class will have 4 Instructors who will take turns each week to run the class. Black Belt Josh, Junior Black Belts Harry and Mikayla and Colour Belt Josh have all decided to team up and will attend each week to support one another.

It is a mixed junior/senior class so everyone is welcome.


CHAC Classes

Our new classes at CHAC have been a challenge that I have missed. It has been many years since I had to start a class from scratch with so many new beginners and I have appreciated getting to know my new class.  Our first class is full and we have a nice little group in the second class.

Unfortunately the school has communicated that only CHAC students are to attend these classes starting term 2.



In 2023 I used the Suncorp Multiday service for the first time and there were a few issues. By next term, I am hoping to add the option to pay via credit card on the platform. I decided this year to send the payment link each term, so you just need to let me know if you ever want to change from weekly payments or term payments. I will send the link a few days before the start of each term.



The best way to support our school is to tell people that you love our programs. I have never pushed students to recruit their friends, but I do ask that if you love your classes, you should let people know about them so they may be able to start their journey with us.



  • Please arrive at your class early or on time.
  • Walk in the door with a positive attitude and a mission to learn.
  • Only students are to be inside the training area when class is on, parents please don’t stay and watch. You are welcome to come in for the last 10 minutes, but please stand to the side or at the back.
  • Your fees allow you to train at all classes we offer, so make use of your money and get to as many classes on any day as possible.
  • Parents and students… don’t be shy to communicate with me at any time. If there is a problem or you are unsure about anything reach out.




Holiday Camp

Our xmas school holiday camps were a massive success and we will try to offer these each holiday. A big thank you to everyone who attended, especially my helpers Instructor Jesse and our in-training Junior Instructors Mikayla and Harry.

Gold coast seminar

On Saturday the 3rd of February a group of our students attended the gold coast seminar. These seminars are held twice a year and are an amazing opportunity for our senior and instructor team.

The special guests included Australia’s Grand Master Mr Daher and Grand master Mc Phail from New Zealand passing down their TKD knowledge of over 50 years. We had a high performance sports psychologist who works with athletes from around the world. His section on Imposter Syndrome really hit home for me. We then had Lorenzo Campagna from spinal and sports care who ran us through how to look after our bodies. To finish the day we had 2 ladies who run a sports dietician company, teaching us how to fuel the body to gain improved performance.