What an amazing day it was for all that got involved with the competition. We would like to thank all of the participants, especially the first timers for getting on the mats and trying your best. It was a long day but, by the reactions and feedback from those involved, it was a huge success.


Next, we would like to thank the parents and senior students for helping on the day. Your efforts to give up your time ensured that the day ran smoothly, and we hope that you enjoyed playing your role – so that we can build on the experience to run future competitions.


Now to the fun part…

116 Juniors in total attended the competition and our school ranked first with a whopping 118 medals. You can see our awesome results below!

With lots of events running simultaneously, Instructor Tom definitely got a few happy snap shots and photos of first timers throughout the day, which can be seen below.

Our students took out all 4 categories: overall junior champion for under 12’s (male and female) and 12 to 18 years (male and female) champions.

Harry Terry-Bedwell (on the right) – won the equal most gold on the day.

Lila Maguire (on the left) – under 12’s female champ with 2 gold and 1 silver at her first ever competition

Dominik Pacia (on the right) – Under 12’s male champ with 2 gold and 1 bronze

Anna Boyd (middle) – 12 to 18 years female champ with 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze

Sam Cleary – 12 to 18 years male champ with 2 gold and 2 silver

Congrats to Jamie Millen and Bailey Gillard for attending their first ever competition and taking out 1st and 2nd at power breaking.

Congrats to Ysabeau Hare for attending her first ever competition and winning gold at power breaking. We have never seen someone so proud (and shocked) with their win.

Congrats to Instructor Anna on her own results but also for her students results. All of her students were outstanding with Kade and Sabella Black, Harry Terry-Bedwell, Dom Pacia, Nicole Ramos and Jemma and Laura Kohlbach all winning gold and some winning two. Don’t sleep on Anna’s mixed juniors/seniors class at Wakerley on Tuesday evenings…great things are coming out of that room.

Another amazing achievement was that our taekwondo school finished 1st, 2st and 3rd in a crazy 18 different events. This just shows, that although we have the most students competing, we have high quality students in all our junior ranks.

Congrats to Zahli Burdon for competing in Sparring for the first time ever and winning gold.

A couple of our regulars at competitions is the Edwards boys. Instructor Jesse has been working hard with young Kellen and it was great to see him walk away with 2 golds to just pip his big brother.

Congrats to Sabella Black and Nicole Ramos for both winning 2 golds.

Congrats to the Ghodke family. Jenika was extremely happy with 4 bronze medals from her 4 events.

Congrats to Hailey Mc Clurg for winning 2 golds. The 3 McClurg girls are high quality and as usual were all in the medals.

Congrats to Instructor Toms fiancé Vicki and her parents for running the canteen. We had some yummy food donations and I think Alon’s macarons were the biggest hit.

To those not mentioned: we thank you for competing hard and we appreciate your participation. Chief Instructor Tom is so happy that students are enjoying competitions and competing in the true spirit that would make everyone proud regardless of medals. Winning is just the cherry on top!

Looking forward our next competition will be the nationals in August. This is the big one so there will need to be plenty of extra comp sessions as its not for beginners.

Thank you for reading the 18 and under competition newsletter! We thank you for all your support, keep training hard & enjoying life 🙂