Congratulations to our competition team on another amazing 2 days of competition.

The Bai Rui competition is always a highlight of our competing calendar and there was roughly 240 competitors over the weekend.  We took 36 competitors and finished the weekend with…

18 gold

17 silver

17 bronze

 We had some amazing performances with a few students claiming gold for the first time. Personally i was on fire…i had only ever won 1 gold in my life and on the weekend i finished with 4 gold and 2 silver out of my 6 events. This made me the best performer of the whole competition!


I won my my first ever gold at patterns and tried sparring for the first time ever and won. The highlight was winning gold with my team mates for team patterns and team power breaking.


Thank you to all parents for supporting, not only your own children but the rest of our team. I had numerous comments over the weekend from other schools about how happy our team always looks and how polite we are win or lose. We are building a reputation of being fierce competitors on the mats but also humble and polite people off of them. I am extremely proud of everyone!

Enjoy the pictures and lock in the date of the next competition. Our school will be hosting it at Gumdale state school on Saturday the 11th of November. Its a great competition for all first timers and beginners so hoping to see all students come along to at least try 1 or 2 events.