Last weekend we took our competition team to the sunshine coast to compete at the 2023 ITF TKD Nationals.

Although this competition is not the biggest in Australia, it has the longest history, prestige and brings the best competitors from around Australia.

4 years ago, Chief Instructor Tom decided to take a small team to a competition for the first time. It was an eye-opening experience as competition style of patterns and sparring is completely different than what Tom had been learning the previous 15 years. On that day in 2019, the 4 tried their best and all earnt a bronze medal for participating although not even getting close to getting a win and coming last overall.

Who would have thought that those 4 bronze medals for giving it a go in 2019, would turn into the Australian school of Taekwon-Do becoming the National champions in 2023!

Last year our school came 4th and it was the first time that our school gained the respect from our fellow TKD schools.

Firstly, I would like to thank the competitors that represented our school with their amazing efforts and attitudes. Next is for the parents that are supporting their children to do the extra weekend training sessions and getting up early to get them to these events. Then onto our instructor team of Chief instructor Tom and instructors Michael, Jesse and Anna. Last is to our senior group of students who support throughout the day in assisting, coaching, umpiring and judging.

I would like to mention the following students for attending their first ever competition and doing so well.

– Blake Smith

– Logan Cox

– Jett Maguire

Kellen with his outstanding performance! 4 from 4 golds, winning overall junior make champion 🏆

Lila Maguire (left) backed up her overall champion at the last competition with 3 gold and a bronze form her 4 events.

Here are a few more photos from the big competition!!

Riley won 2nd and 3rd place and they were special ones!

After a tough fought sparring battle against a stronger opponent, he battled through to claim 2nd.
He then immediately had to compete in patterns and although clearly still dazed, he pushed himself to do his best and claim 3rd.

Lara, Instructor Jesse & Lila

Next competition

The next competition is one of my favourites. It’s held in Brisbane at the QLD State Netball Center in Nathan, and is a great competition for beginners. Make sure to lock in the date as it is a great comp for all ages!