Welcome to term 2,

This term is jam packed with lots of events so get the calendar out to mark these important dates.

Grading Testing

The first 3 weeks of this term will be dedicated to in-class testing. All Juniors and Seniors will need to pass the criteria to earn their new belt. This a time where parents can really help as an extra class here and there could be the difference in a student passing. Its also a time that some students will not be rewarded with a new belt so we ask that all students and parents, support Chief instructor Tom’s grading syllabus and tough decisions that may need to be made. All Students that put in the effort will always be rewarded!

In week 3 Chief instructor Tom will start to hand out belts at the end of each class.

– Parents are welcome to come in to watch the last 20 minutes of class if they are available as it’s always a special moment watching your children earn a reward that they have worked hard for.

Junior Students

– After this grading we will be adopting a slightly different belt system for the juniors.
– We are deleting the 3 stripe belts and a few of the higher belt colours and will bring in a new white 1 and white 2 belt.
– The new juniors system will now have 12 belt levels instead of the 24 currently.
– The juniors will now learn a program designed to allow them to compete at local comps if they choose. 
Senior Students

For all Senior students that are blue belt and above that are wanting to grade. You will need to attend the grading in front of the Grand Master on Saturday the 6th of May. More info will be below…

Team Building Comp Session

– With the comps fast approaching,Chief Instructor will offer some team building competition based sessions at his home gym on the following days and times.

– Due to there being no regular classes on the public holidays, he will offer a session on those days.

– These sessions will be the difference between winning and losing so a must for our Comp team.

Grand Master Seminar & Grading

Grand master Daher will be in town to conduct a seminar on Saturday the 6th of May.

* The usual Saturday morning childrens class will still be on from 9 to 10am. Chief Instructor will take the kids class and then join the seminar after. This Saturday class will be the last opportunity for the juniors to complete their testing.

* The usual senior class will NOT be on so all seniors arrive at 9am to join the seminar.

Bai Rui National Competition

After a busy 3 weeks to start the term we then have the Bai Rui Competition on Sunday the 7th of MAY. Yes that means that we have the Grand masters seminar and grading on the Saturday followed by the Comp on Sunday.

– If you want your child to attend the comp please contact Chief instructor.

– Chief instructor will also send out invites to those that he thinks would like to attend

– Once your event is done you can leave.

– Chief instructor will pay for everyone attending and enter them into the tournament system. You will be sent a message with price owing to transfer to him the following week.

– Parents and students just need to commit to attend and choose the event that they would like to enter.

– The sparring is no contact for under 12 years of age although you still must wear full protective equipment.

– Chief instructor will provide all sparring equipment for those trying sparring for the first time.

Anna’s Finland World Championship Dream

Thank you all SO much for contributing to my dream! It means a lot to me and my family. We are nearly at the goal, so if by any chance you would be able to support us to get to this amazing comp, it would be greatly appreciated!

– Anna Boyd

Easter Holiday Training Sessions

Our Easter holiday sessions were a big hit and we hope to see some fresh faces join us next holidays.

18 and Under Junior QLD Nationals Hosted by Our School

Please save the following  date as this will be an amazing opportunity for all juniors and seniors to try their first competition.

– We will need help from parents on the day to run the canteen, help marshall the juniors, provide items for the bake sale etc.

– More info will be sent as we get closer