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The upcoming weekend is the big competition…the ITF Australia Nationals. We have a team of roughly 35 competing and although a little underdone due to our focus on belt testing this term, we will all do our best and enjoy the opportunity.


It has been great seeing some new faces join our weekend comp team and trainings, and further good luck on the weekend for all competitors.

Belt testing

We officially kicked off our belt testing last week with our Fitness tests. There were some amazing efforts so we now move on to our technical testing. Seniors will need to get your technical quizzes complete with 100% correct answers (you can find your quizzes on the website – or click link below to find your quiz).

Junior and seniors will now be tested over the next 4 weeks in class and when they achieve their required score, they will be awarded new belts and certificates. Train hard students and remember that you need to show the desire that you are ready for your next level.

Belt Performance Test for Blue Belts and Higher

Chief instructor Tom has decided that all blue belts and higher will need to perform a performance test to earn their new belts once they have passed all testing requirements in class. The details are below so lock in the date…

GM Seminar

We had an awesome time at the Grand Master seminar, learning the importance of our stances & much more within Taekwon-Do. Here are some snaps from the day…

The Run to Finland

The countdown to Finland and the Taekwondo World Championship is less than 30 days. In case you don’t know, Chief Instructor Tom and Instructor Anna will be representing Australia in September in Tampere, Finland.

A word from Chief Instructor Tom…”it will be an honour to represent my family, students, country and friends in Finland. At last count there was 1200 competitors from 50 different countries participating, so to be in that environment will be unbelievable. Who would have thought this little chubby kid from a little country town could make it this far!”

A word from Instructor Anna…”It has been an awesome journey from 6-year-old training at my primary school, to now travelling to Finland to showcase what I’ve learnt. It is exciting to travel for the first time overseas, for a passion that I’ve loved for many years, with my Mum, instructor & his fiancé. It will be so cool to be in a room filled with so much talent & expertise of Taekwon-Do & to meet some of my friends from the first online ITF Taekwon-Do online Championships!”

Your support to date has been amazing and they will do their best to make all students and families proud!

Classes whilst Chief Instructor is Away

As Tom and Anna will be away for the last 2 weeks of term 3, we have put a plan in place for assistant instructors to cover their classes. It looks like all classes will be able to covered but we do ask that a bit of patience and respect towards the assistants will be shown.

Sydney Instructor Seminar

As some students know, Chief Instructor Tom and Instructor Michael attended an instructor Seminar on Saturday and Sunday a few weeks ago.

These seminars hosted by the Grand Master are designed to look deeper into how to teach and how to become the best leader for your students. We had some of the top sports coaches in Australia attend to teach us over the 2 days.

Dave Diggle is a sports mind and high performance coach who works a lot with the top race car drivers around the world and Olympians here in Australia. Another special guest was Lorenzo Campagna who is a sports exercise and chiropracter and his teachings focused on understanding the anatomy of the human body and how the movements of Taekwon-Do actually work.

These seminars are world class in the Taekwon-Do community, so it is amazing that our instructors can have access to them.

In February 2024, the Grand Master will be bringing the seminar to the Gold Coast and it will be an amazing opportunity for any teenage students possibly interested in a career of:

  • Sports physiologist/physiotherapist
  • Sports chiropractor
  • Sports coaching
  • Becoming a Taekwon-Do instructor or coach of any sport
  • Becoming a professional athlete
  • Sports dietician

Chief Instructor’s tips

  1. I have noticed a recent trend of parents staying to watch the juniors’ classes. Please drop your child off and only enter the class to pick them up in the last 5 minutes if needed. If you or a family member would ever like to watch a class, please show the instructor the respect they deserve and ask them first for their response.
  2. Another issue of late has been students attending class late. I completely understand how busy students and parents can be. Again, please communicate with your instructor if you will be late consistently due to other activities. If you are not rushing straight from another event, please arrive to all classes 10 minutes before class start time.
  3. If able please help to support our school by leaving a google review, following us on our socials (Instagram & Facebook) and just talking to friends about our TKD community.

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