Throwback to the 2022 October Bai Rui National Championships…

Leading up to this comp the team pushed each other every session to become the best version of themselves. As we had just previously come back from the Australian National Championships this was a back-to-back competition.

The doors opened nice and early at 7.30am and the team met up and signed in to get ready for the big day ahead.

There were competitions of patterns, sparring, special techniques and power breaking going on all day. Many of the competitors from ASTKD were first timers and they did so well.

This is the biggest team (of 30) we have taken to a competition so far and we are excited to inspire the future generations. Overall we won 14 gold, 15 silver and 9 bronze!

Here are a few of the highlights from the day…

Chief Instructor Tom Foggo competed in Power Breaking and came 1st place!šŸ„‡

The whole club is so lucky to have you as our instructor.

We are all so proud of you. You made it Sir!

Harry Terry-Bedwell won runner up male championšŸ„‡

He competed in patterns, sparring and special techniques and did really well! Such a great kid and well deserved winner.

These three ladies, Wendy McNeil, Andrea Springett and Giselle Nichols all tried their very first competition!

Wendy competed in patterns and came 2nd placešŸ„ˆ, Andrea competed at 61 for Power Breaking which is super amazing and Giselle 2nd in patterns and sparring! Such an awesome result and these 3 ladies are awesome role models in ASTKD and we are blessed to have you.

Anna Boyd overall female championšŸ„‡

Hayden Peterson 1st sparring & power breaking

Jamie Edwards 1st sparring & patternsšŸ„‡

James Lawler 1st sparringšŸ„‡

Mac Smyth 3rd sparringšŸ„‰

Hayden Dowley 2nd sparringšŸ„ˆ& Coen Smyth 1st sparringšŸ„‡

Mikayla McClurg 2nd special techniquesšŸ„ˆ

Johan Ghodke 1st patternsšŸ„‡