2024 Calendar of events

July 12th – competition sparring 5.30 to 7pm at wakerley

july 19th – competition sparring 5.30 to 7pm at Wakerley




JULY 20TH SATURDAY – QLD Challenge cup. This is the first big competition of the year that will be held at Gumdale state school. This comp is open to all ages and levels and is always a great day filled with fierce competition and is well supported from all of the other TKD clubs in QLD. More details will be released as it gets closer to the date.

July 26th – black belt class at Wakerley 5.30 to 7pm






SEPTEMBER 13TH FRIDAY – Last day of term 3


SEPTEMBER 14TH SATURDAY – ITF Australia national championships. This is the big one! The most prestigious competition on our calendar and our students chance to be named National Champion. Its for all ages and levels but you will find tough competition. I will inform what students should attend.


SEPTEMBER 30 MONDAY – First day of term 4
















OCTOBER 13TH 14TH SATURDAY AND SUNDAY – Bai Rui Nationals. This is one of the biggest competitions in Australia and is held in Brisbane at the QLD netball center at Nathan. Due to the numbers its a 2 day event and a great competition for all levels. More details will be released as its gets closer.


 DECEMBER 7TH SATURDAY – grand masters seminar and senior colour belt and black belt testing.


 DECEMBER 8TH SUNDAY – Our massive end of the year performance and grading test day. This will be a huge day as its the day that all of our students and parents get together under the one roof to showcase their skills and be awarded with their new belts. There are 2 of these a year so all students must lock this date in if they want to receive their new belts. It will be held at Gumdale state school from 9 to 12pm.


DECEMBER 14TH SATURDAY – Last day of TKD for the year and XMAS party.