We did it!

What a big year it has been for all involved.

Firstly, thank you to all parents for supporting your children and our school in 2023. We have asked for so much help throughout the year and you have all answered the call. I can’t thank you enough for believing in our programs and the Instructor team.

Next, a big well done to all students. You have had to train through changes in our programs and some unsettled periods of trying to accommodate learning, competitions, and belt testing. Our Instructor team are always striving to deliver the best product and programs and we believe that we are very close to achieving this.

Last is the team that makes the wheels turn. All students are lucky to have such passionate role models in our school to look up to.

Instructor Jesse, who assists and runs her own Camp Hill class, has been outstanding all year. Her university studies haven’t affected her growth as an Instructor, and she has ended the year with so much energy to give to all students. A lot of students have had growth this year, but I believe Instructor Jesse has grown more than any student. Her capacity to teach a technical and exciting brand of TKD has improved weekly and she has the confidence of a veteran Instructor.

Instructor Michael, who runs Wellington Point and assists at Gumdale, has been the rock in our school. With a super busy work and family life, Michael has grown his style of teaching to where he wanted it, and the students all enjoy his tough approach to standards and technique.

Notable thanks to Instructor Anna for her efforts all year and Assistant Josh for always being our fallback man when in need.

Personally, I have enjoyed 2023 and feel like I have grown a lot. I feel a lot more comfortable that I am teaching a world-class program and that I have the ability to get my students to any goal that they search for.

Look out in 2024 as we have a few new classes planned throughout the year as well as a few new faces joining our Instructor Team.


We will start 2024 with not much change at all. We hope to see all students excited to return when school starts in term 1. The only change in class for now will be the addition of a new class at CHAC(cannon hill Anglican college). The class will be on Wednesdays and will replace our regular Wednesdays Cannon Hill classes. We will offer a class straight after school at 3.15 pm and another class at 4.15pm with both Juniors and Seniors welcome to attend. The classes will be held on the junior campus and is an exciting new venture that will grow to more classes at CHAC over time.

In 2024 we will only run 2 gradings periods and opportunities to earn new belts. Our instructor Team feel that this will work better with the higher expectations in standard, busy competition circuit and heavy school and extra curricular loads that most students seem to have these days. In the middle and end of the year we will have our in class grading month followed by a big performance showcase.

I have negotiated to plan all competitions around our programs in 2024. At this stage we will host all 3 competitions at Gumdale state school so that is extremely exciting and convenient for our club.

Term 1 will focus on all aspects of TKD followed by a Junior competition late in the term.

Term 2 will be a grading only focused term.

Term 3 will be a competition and high performance based term with the QLD titles at the start of the term and the Australians Nationals at the end of the term.

Term 4 will begin with a big competition then a change in focus to our end of year testings.


I hope to see as many students as possible in our holiday sessions. Discipline is the best key to succeed so these sessions will be great for all students to switch back on begin 2024 before school actually returns. Don’t let the kids become to settled on the couch or on the screens, enroll them now for the half or full day!!


The sessions will include watching videos and online content, completing workbooks on the history and technical aspects of TKD, working on each individuals strengths and weaknesses, goal setting for the year, working on their physical skills using games and other ball sports etc etc.


The venue at Wynnum/Manly meals on wheels is air conditioned, fully matted and has all kitchen facilities so we couldn’t ask for a better venue.


Holiday Camps


In January our instructor team will also offer evening classes at our Camp hill St Thomas venue and at Gumdale state school.


These classes will be mixed so all students can attend. They will be heavily fitness based to kick start our body into gear after the xtra xmas treats we all would have eaten. Confidence in your physical appearance will ensure that you have a positive 2024 so don’t put your health second.


The classes will cost $10 each per class and you will be billed once they are all done. All of the sessions will go from 6 to 7.30pm. These will be great classes for any other family members wanting to try TKD in 2024.


Monday 8th and 15th – Gumdale

Tuesday 9th and 16th – Camp Hill

Wednesday 10th and 17th – Gumdale

Thursday 11th and 18th – Camp Hill

Friday 12th and 19th – Camp hill


Congratulations to all new students on achieving your new belts, your promotion to the senior classes and to our new black belts. The end of year performance seemed to be fun for all involved. I feel so blessed to be able to watch my students grow over so many years with the majority of my black belts starting so young.


All of our new White/Yellows, welcome to the senior program. You are still welcome to attend the junior programs but I do hope that you can get to one Senior class a week if possible. You have shown that you deserve this next challenge in your TKD journey and I am sure that you will love it.


I was officially awarded my Instructor Instructor certificate by the Grand Master at his seminar. This is a great personal achievement and allows me to grade any student around the world up to 3rd degree black belt.


Mikayla Mc Clurg was named as the 3rd student to win the tenet shield award in 2023. Mikayla has always shown high levels of the tenet attributes and is deserved winner.

Have a merry Xmas and enjoy the break, spending some quality time with your family. Try not to forget how important our program is for all of our students as i know its easy to quit something after a holiday period. I cant picture a life without my TKD as it is the one thing in my life that never lets me down!


See you all in 2024


Your Chief Instructor Tom