End of Term 1

Today is our last day of term 1… we made it! I am sure that it’s been a busy start to the year for all students, families and who doesn’t look forward to a bit of a rest and a visit from the Easter Bunny.

I would like to thank everyone for their efforts in term 1 as all students seem to be loving our classes. Let’s get to some highlights and updates.



I will start with the best news that I could possibly share. After a long and difficult journey my fiancé Vicki (aka Miss Peglas for those who go to Birkdale State School) is pregnant with our first child and due in July.

We are both so happy and I am excited to share my news with my TKD family as so many of you have supported me for many years. I have no idea how it will change our lives, but I am sure it will only make me a happier person and therefore a better leader.



Our new classes at CHAC have been a challenge as its always hard starting something from scratch. We have a great bunch of white belts that attend each week. It’s been amazing seeing the class grow each week and it has turned into one of my favourite classes to teach.

Just a reminder that the CHAC classes will only be for CHAC students in term 2 and beyond due to the school’s policy although i am trying to change this!


I would like to welcome all of our new students that signed up this term. It’s been the best start to a year since pre-covid and that is such a positive for our school. Strong numbers mean more opportunities and finances to invest back into our school.


Thank you to all parents for adhering to our rules on not sitting in on classes. Your trust allows our instructor team to give everything they have and with our quality program, the students are guaranteed to excel and have fun each class they attend.



At the end of term 2 at the performance test and belt ceremony, I will be awarding a handful of students the Tenet Shield. This is our most highly respected award that one can achieve in our school. Students and parents can help by sending me any special achievements that they or their children achieve each week.

The greatest achievement I can attain as an instructor is hearing how students use the attributes that we teach in class to help others and achieve at school, home and in the community.



We have the Grand Master’s seminar coming up in April at the Sunshine Coast. These are always a must for all of our black belts but also great for all colour belts in the senior program. Please book in asap if attending and contact me if you need a ride, as we will have multiple adults driving up if you need a lift.


Please make payment to:
Sunshine Coast & Queensland Taekwon-Do inc
BSB – 084 756
Acc No – 763358705
Reference – GM Seminar/(Your) Name
Inquires – 0403212677


Term 2 is our grading term, and we will end the term with a massive performance and belt ceremony session on Sunday the 16th of June. Please can all parents lock this date in your calendar, it will be held at Gumdale State School from roughly 9am to 11:30am.

To begin our testing, all senior students will need to complete their quiz during these easter holidays, which can be found in the student area of our website. All students will need to get 100% correct answers and show their parents so they can tell me quiz complete or for the older students to send me a message saying quiz complete. I don’t need a picture of 100% completion as I trust that all students will perform this task with honesty.

When all students return in term 2, we will begin with our fitness test in class in week 1. Students must achieve a pass on all activities, and they will have the whole term to keep attempting the activities they didn’t pass if needed.

Each week in term 2, our instructor team will start marking students on their patterns, breaking and sparring. Our Juniors will also be assessed on their behaviour and effort they display each week, so I am expecting a very disciplined 9 weeks from all students.

If for some reason a student can’t make the Sunday 16th performance/presentation, they will be awarded their new belt in week 10 or the next time I see them. I don’t like to tell anyone what to do but we will only have these big days twice a year, so I hope that it can be a lock in your calendar.  It is a great way for parents to see their children’s growth.



I will send out a fee agreement via Suncorp Multipay a few days before term 2 begins on Monday the 15th of April. Can I please have every student/family paying through this format as I will not accept bank transfers to my account for fees.

I have added B-PAY to your options to pay, so hopefully that may suit some families that want to use different accounts. As always, I will send a fee structure for the whole term in 1 payment unless you message me asking to be debited weekly.

Due to the support of all students and families, I can keep fees at the same price due to our numbers and I am proud that our fees have not increased the past 8 years whilst everything around us has.


We still have some spots left for our holiday training camps over the easter holidays. Please message me to lock in your spot.



Have a lovely Easter…Chief Instructor Tom