We have some updates and cool info to share with you all in this month’s newsletter!

Chief Instructor Tom Foggo has taken over the (CDC) Childrens Development Committee for our national organisation, ITF Taekwon-do Australia. Teaching and guiding kids is his passion as we have all seen in the way the Junior classes are run. This role allows Chief Instructor the opportunity to create programs and content where he will be able to travel to all other states in Australia to deliver it to the other instructors in our National Organisation. This is not a paying role but instead a true passion for Chief Instructor as his programs and ideology on teaching kids will ensure the future generations are learning an exciting and fun brand of Taekwon-do and gaining its benefits.

Next we would like to Congratulate Instructor Michael Young on officially joining our teaching ranks. Instructor Michael will now be the head instructor at our Wellington Point class on Monday evenings.

Starting immediately the new time for the Wellington Point class will be 6.30-8pm on Monday nights. Instructor Michael has his two sons who train in the Junior class and he has been excited to be able to have them join his classes. This means that all students can attend this class with the mixed Juniors/Seniors section going for the first hour and then just the seniors staying for the last 30 minutes.

My teachings will align with the philosophies of the head classes run by Chief Instructor Tom Foggo, with an emphasis on Fitness, Gradings and Tournaments.
Everyone is welcome and I look forward to sharing my knowledge and expanding my horizons with you all in the future.
Instructor Michael Young

We are so happy to welcome all of our new students to our TKD family to start the year. We hope that we can make every lesson as fun and exciting as your first!

Welcome to ASTKD

Are you interested in improving your fitness and making some new friends ? A group of our TKD family catch up and do the Lota and Minnippi Parkruns every Saturday morning at 7am. – it is a free 5km Parkrun. We all run at different paces so there will be a pacer for all fitness levels…chuck the joggers on and come join us! We alternate between Lota and Minnippi each week.

Stay tuned for info about our Easter school holiday programs, students belt gradings that will begin at the start of Term 2 and the upcoming competition in May.