8AM TO 3PM ish

DRESS IN FULL UNIFORM(you can wear your shirt whilst not competing but jacket must be worn when competing)


Our last competition for 2023 is just around the corner and our school will be co-hosting this event at Gumdale state school.


To register follow the link below. There is a $10 discount that will be applied when making payment.


This competition is very similar to the Junior comp we hosted earlier in the year. It accommodates all levels, first timers and beginners so i would love to see some fresh faces on the day.


As usual, there will be patterns, special techniques, power testing and sparring.


There will be the power test machine for all children under 12. This is the machine that you strike and the score will be shown on the screen.

There will be the flying side kick and high jumping front kick for special techniques.

There will be patterns for all colour belts and you will be asked to perform any pattern up to your current rank. All Juniors will need to wear a white belt regardless if you are a brown, purple or orange belt or stripes. If you are a junior and know the beginner patterns Saju Jirugi and Saju Magki, you can compete in patterns. If you are a junior that doesn’t know these two patterns, you can compete in the punching technique test( 3 punched forwards and 3 punches backwards).

There will be sparring for all levels. To Spar you must buy your own mouth guard…i will provide all other sparring gear to use on the day. The sparring will be contact to the body and head but will be controlled by the umpires. It will start at extremely light contact for the young kids to being quite heavy for the 18 plus black belts.

We will have a full canteen running on the day. There will be a sausage sizzle, tea/coffee, soft drinks, water, lollies and more. Last comp we raised over $500 that went straight to buying more competition gear for our students to wear in class and at the comps. If any parents would be happy to bake or make something to donate to our canteen on the day that would be amazing. 

You will also be able to pay with cash or card at the canteen.

Running a comp takes a lot of helpers and if any parents would be interested in helping on the day that would be great. More helpers will mean a smoother run event. You might be asked to help get the children into their sparring gear, help marshal the kids to be ready for their next events, help hold a bag or record scores for a particular event etc.


For the next 2 weeks in class we will run through a little bit of competition based training. Our main focus will be the breaking, patterns and sparring.


Any questions don’t hesitate to ask.