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Lets go travel back in time to Term 3, Week 1 when the team began preparations for the Australian National Championships. 

Every day is a new day to live, learn and grow.

Chief Instructor Tom Foggo

Every Saturday and Sunday leading up to the National comp for 4 weeks, the team joined together to get in some extra training on top of class training. The weekend trainings consisted of: running on a track in the bush, bag work and sparring practice with gear on, park trainings and more. Ultimately this set the team up for success!

Saturday Colour Belt National comp

On the first day of the competition, the colour belts from white belt to red-black competed in areas of patterns, sparring, special techniques and power breaking!

It was an amazing day of competing for the colour belts at the ITF Taekwon-Do Australia National Championships. With our club finishing 3rd overall with 6 gold medals.

We are so proud of our young team and the hard work they put in, not only at the competition but leading up to it as well!

Many of our teams competitors were first timers…however, all of ASTKD comp team showed determination, sportsmanship and encouragement to their fellow friends and competitors.


Colour Belt Standouts

Harry Terry-Bedwell – overall junior champion. Harry competed in sparring, patterns and special techniques and came home with a medal in each area. 

Mikayla McClurg – Special Techniques – 1st Place

Isabella Dodds – Sparring – 1st Place

Sabella Black – Special Techniques – 1st Place


*Overall the whole junior team competed so well and the sportsmanship they are demonstrated on the mats was incredible!

Day #2: Black Belt National comp

On the second day of the National competition, it was now the black belts turn! They too competited in areas of patterns, sparring, special techniques and power breaking!

On the second day of the competition, it was the black belts turn to compete! The day kicked off with patterns between some of the best in the world. Our team had a few tough battles from different fields but all walked away happy.

The day was filled with such awesome team spirit and encouragement that I’m sure the whole team will remember. One of the greatest things about ASTKD is the great environment that the team carries with them everywhere they go.

Black Belt Standouts

Jesse Vick – Patterns & Team Sparring – 2nd Place x2

Sam Cleary – Special Techniques – 1st Place

Bella Terry-Bedwell – Sparring, Team Sparring & Special Techniques – 2nd Place x2 & 3rd Place 

Michael Young – Sparring – 2nd Place

Anna Boyd – Sparring, Team Sparring, Power Breaking, Special Techniques – 2nd x2, 1st, 3rd


The Results of the Comp

These are the overall results for the Australian National Championships!





The results were in…for the competition we made it to 4th place club!

This is such an amazing achievement for the club and demonstrates how far we have come since first joining ITF Australia 3 years ago! And this Australian National Championship was one of the biggest comps in years.

The results showcase just how much effort Chief Instructor has put in to learning about the new comp style of patterns and sparring so quickly and in turn teaching the students.


If you are interested in joining our competition team…have a chat to Chief Instructor Tom Foggo!

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