Welcome to our first newsletter of 2023!

Our club has had a lot of new students and lot of students returning; we are very excited for the year ahead!

We started January with our 10 days of TKD program – which was a great success and many students attended and enjoyed.

Within the 10 days of TKD, the team gathered for a 25km walk from our Wellington Point class venue, visited our other training centres and finished the walk at the Camp Hill venue.

It was a great challenge and some students even carried weights and bricks in their bags for the whole walk!

Stay tuned for the upcoming holiday camps! Remember to book in as soon as you can as spots are filled very quick!

The new Tuesday classes at Wakerley, with Instructor Anna, have good numbers attending from the get go.

Tuesday mixed junior and senior class goes from 5.30pm-6.30pm. Then from 6.30pm-7pm is seniors only.

Friday junior class is also from 3.30pm-4.30pm.

These classes at the new venue have been a great addition for our club.

In January our club also started a Friday class at our Camp Hill venue. This is an open 2 hour class to hang out and train with other Taekwon-Do members.

You can attend for the whole 2 hours or leave whenever you like.

It is a great class to hone your competition TKD skills or learn if you are a beginner. Equipment can also be bought, if wanting to venture into competitive sparring for any age.


Thank you to all students and parents for adopting the new payment system. There has been a few minor hick ups but I am confident that they will be ironed out for term 2.

The agreements can be altered, adapted or paused if leaving our classes in between each new term…any issues don’t hesitate to contact Instructor Tom.

We have added a new calendar for the website. This calendar will have info on gradings, seminars, competitions and other events for our club. Keep an eye out for our monthly newsletters with updates and trainings in this space!