Welcome, it’s been a busy Term 2.



On Sunday the 16th of June we will hold this special event at Gumdale State School. All students must attend. I understand how busy families are and that most students do other sports on weekends. I ask for 2 non-negotiable dates that I expect all students to attend each year and these are the mid and end-of-year special events.

From 9:00–11:30am I would like all students, in their full uniform (Jackets not T-shirts) to attend with their parents and friends. It will be an exciting, fun filled few hours. I will do my best to showcase the amazing art of Taekwondo, the improvements and hard work the students have put in, and our school’s quality instructor and leadership team.

All students who have passed their test in class will receive their new belts and certificates on the day. We will also celebrate the students who are being promoted to the senior program, and our new additions to the Tenet Shield.

If you can’t attend this event you will need to message me so I can arrange a time to give those students their new belts.



Below is a link to sign up and play your small role in supporting Taekwondo in QLD. The association, (with supporting members) will be able to access state and national sporting grants to help develop all TKD schools in QLD.

Students who sign up and bring 5 additional people (family members or friends) will gain big discounts on the upcoming competitions and seminars. A competition is usually around $75 but will be no more than $50 if you have signed up 5 people. A reminder that when a family member signs up, they do not need to do anything else, we just need numbers to access these grants.

When signing up family and friends, remember to put the student’s name down so that student will get the benefits. If you follow the below link, it will take you direct to the sign up page so please share or input your family and friends.


Register (dojoexpert.com)




I am pleased to announce that we will host 6, all-day sessions during the upcoming school holidays. If you usually put your children into vacation care, consider sending them to our team for the day instead.

Instructor Jesse, assistants Harry and Mikala, and I will be at these sessions from 8:30am–3:30pm. The morning sessions will be Taekwondo-focused training for the upcoming comp season, and the afternoon sessions will be filled with games, TKD videos, and movies. Check out the website for more info. There are limited spaces, so book in ASAP!






On the 4th of May, we sent 8 students to the first competition of the year. It was a small sparring competition, and our team was amazing with everyone earning a spot on the podium. Zack, Hailey and Harry took out Gold and continue their great form on the mats.




On the weekend just passed, 8 of our black belts attended the 2-day Bai Rui black belt at the Sunshine Coast. With roughly 100 black belts in the room, it was a fun packed and physically taxing few days. We all came home with a few new bumps and bruises, but plenty more knowledge to share. I am so proud of our black belt team for continuing to study the art of Taekwondo to be the best and most knowledgeable leaders they can be for our school.



Our new Friday classes at our Wakerley venue have been a hit this term. After speaking to those who attend, I have adjusted the timetable rotation and times to suit their needs. Effective immediately, the first class will go from 4:00–5:30pm. Junior students may leave at 5:00pm, with seniors and older kids staying for the whole session.

Following this class, we have 2 classes alternating each week from 5:30–7:00 pm. The first class is our striking class for all students, and we encourage family and friends to come along for some fitness and fun. The alternating class is a black belt class.  

This week, Friday 31st of May, is the striking class, open to all. If you are unsure about what class rotation it is each week, please check out the calendar on our website.







In Term 3 our school will turn its focus to fitness and competitions. Our school will host the first competition at Gumdale State School on Saturday the 20th of July. This is a great event, and we will need plenty of help from parents and students on the day to keep things running smoothly. If anyone would like to help on the canteen please contact me.

Remember that if you sign up 5 people to the QLD Association your entrance fee will be cheaper. We are extremely lucky to be able to host this event so close to home, so I would like all students to attend and try at least 1 or 2 events.


On Sunday the 23rd there will be an umpiring Seminar at the Sunshine coast. You will gain the qualifications to be a marshal, coach, centre referee and learn how to use the electronic scoring systems. These seminars are great for all competitors as the better you know the rules, the better you can perform on the mats. It suits senior students and parents can attend to get their qualifications if they are interested in being more involved in our competitions.


Friday the 21st of June is the last day of Term 2. To celebrate, we will host a dress-up disco at our Wakerley venue instead of regular class.

Dressing up is optional but you must bring your dancing shoes so you can carve up the dance floor. The Disco will start at 5:00pm and finish at 8:30pm. It’s free to attend, but please bring a plate of food or snacks to share. I will provide Pizza for the night. If a few parents are able to volunteer to help out on the night, it would be greatly appreciated.



Every year around this time, I order in TKD hoodies for my instructor team. If any students would like one, please let me know within 1 week so Friday the 7th.. They are roughly $50 each. If you have a specific colour you would like, let me know and I will put our school logo and kicking man on them. Maybe you would like to get a hoodie the same colour as your belt to match!


Any questions about anything do not hesitate to reach out.



Chief Instructor Tom