We are so excited to host our first ever competition with the help of our friends from other TKD schools in QLD. We made this a Junior 18’s and under comp as we want to provide events that first timers and beginners can attend. This comp will suit ALL students from 5 years and up and even white belts as we have lots of events that they can sign up for. I would love for every student 18 and under to at least try 1 or 2 events. This is an amazing opportunity to compete in a junior only event and it might not come around for another year.

Parents and students that are older than 18, we will need your help on the day as running a competition is a big deal. You will see below how you can assist on the day.

On the floor:

  1. We will need corner judges for sparring
  2. Extra hands on events like power breaking and special techniques
  3. Equipment managers that can help the juniors get in and out of their sparring equipment.

* Its important to note that the whole day is a training day for all students to learn how to judge, referee, coach etc.

  • Parents can help by attending with as many family and friends as possible.
  • Parents that choose to, can also help with marshalling the kids at specific events to make the day run smoothly.

* If you would like to help, shoot Instructor Tom a message and he can assign you a role.


Bake an item:

  • If you are handy in the kitchen you can also bake an item to donate to our canteen.

* Any proceeds from our canteen will go towards more competition gear and equipment for the future.

Below you will find more detailed info….


  1. The comp is for 5 years to and including 18 year olds.
  2. Gumdale State School hall. The car park is on Tilley Rd
  3. Dress in full jacket uniform if competing. If you are a senior student helping you can wear full uniform or just your training shirt and any pants/shorts that you choose.
  4. Arrive at 8am. The day should finish around 1.30pm but could go longer depending on numbers.
  5. There will be a canteen on the day with food, snacks, tea/coffee, and drinks. It will be cash only.
  6. We will be using an electronic scoring system with the TV screens. Students will be able to see live scores in sparring and the time left.
  7. We will also have a new event for the juniors that don’t know any patterns. It will be 3 walking stance punches forwards and 3 walking stance punches backwards from a Jun bi position. This means white belts, white 1’s and 2’s can also compete.
  8. Our Grand Master, Mr Daher will be attending our inaugural event.



  1. The sparring will be light contact for all ages to all of the scoring areas and increasing as we go up through the age levels. Mouthguard and boxes for the males are a must. Helmets are optional at higher levels. We will provide boxes and head gear on the day so you must get your own mouth guard if sparring.


Special Techniques:

  1. Special techniques will be jumping high kick and flying side kick over a rope
  2. For the power breaking we will have a machine that will test the power of a kick; so all ages from 5 to 12 will be able to register for this event and it will be a side piercing kick. For ages 12 to 14 the techniques will be: a side piercing kick and a side hammer fist. For ages 14 years plus it will be a side piercing kick and a knife hand strike.


  1. Patterns will be any previous pattern including your current rank. If you do not know your current pattern you will just need to inform the judges on the day and they will choose another pattern.

Register now with the below link to receive a $10 discount.