Our school has become member/partners of the Sunshine coast and QLD Taekwon-do association. There are a lot of passionate and hard working people working behind the scenes to ensure TKD has a bright future with endless opportunities to all in the future.

Taekwon-do is an interesting sport, hobby, activity as its hard to define what and where it actually sits within these. TKD has always been surrounded with politics so I will try to explain it in the least words possible.



  • A man named General Choi created Taekwon-do in the 1940’s
  • It was officially named Taekwon-do in 1955
  • In 1966 the ITF was formed (international taekwon-do federation)
  • In 1971 South Korea announces Taekwon-do as their national sport
  • In 1973 South Korea formed another style and organization called WTF (world taekwondo federation)
  • General choi who created Taekwon-do, did not want his art to become a sport and was pushed out of the country at this time
  • He travelled the world for the next 30 years promoting the art of ITF TKD
  • In 2000 WTF style Taekwondo was first added to the Olympics in Sydney.

There are now 2 styles of Taekwon-do practiced in the world. They both have different styles, belts systems, patterns and competitions.


WTF is the Olympic style and style that South Korea has adopted as their national sport. WTF has always had the backing of the governments due to their focus on the sport side of it and the fact its in the Olympics.


ITF has always been seen as the ART, self defence or traditional style and its followed exactly how the founder wanted it to be taught and practiced.


I have only ever done the ITF style and that is what our TKD school follows. As our club is ITF style we do not get any grants or backing from the governments.

The QLD association are a not for profit organization that have been created to tap into some resources that most other sporting organisations can access. We need to get as many people signed up so that we can apply for grants to give our current and future students more opportunities.


The immediate benefits for students that sign up will be discounted competitions and seminars that are run in QLD. If you are a student, you will be a practicing member so your $10 fee to join will last for 3 years. You will save a minimum of $10-$20 for every competition/seminar you attend. If you are active in our program you will save hundreds of $ each year. 


For parents, families and friends, you will join as a non practicing member $4 for 3 years. By joining you will be helping us with the numbers to access local, state and national government sporting grants.


Another benefit is that families will be able to apply and use the fairplay vouchers from the QLD government. I run my school as a company so can’t accept the fairplay vouchers. You will be able to use the fairplay vouchers through the QLD association and they will credit me. 


Once we get access to the grants, the association can buy more equipment for the schools throughout QLD including our club. They will also be able to support and sponsor our national team to travel abroad to compete for Australia on the international scene.


I will be asking all of my family members and friends throughout Australia to join the cause. This association can provide so many opportunities so please don’t hesitate to sign the whole family up and ask if your friends would like to help the cause.


The QLD association has also added an incentive for those that really want to get involved and sign up as many new members as possible. You will receive an item depending on how many people you sign up. If you sign up 10 people or more, you will be emailed with a reward of training gear, hats, bags etc that you can claim. When signing up make sure to get your family and friends to put your name down in the section that asks who invited you… so you can claim the incentives.


You can sign up and share the below link to all of your family and friends. Our goal is to get every family signing their immediate family up and trying to bring 5 people on board.


Register (dojoexpert.com)



Once signed up there are no expectations from you to do anything other than enjoy the fact that you are making a difference.


Any questions don’t hesitate to ask.


Thanks tom