Welcome back to Term 2


We have a jam-packed program designed for all students in term 2.

We start our term 2 with the fitness test in week 1 and will finish with our huge mid-year performance and belt ceremony on Sunday the 16th of June. Can I ask that all parents and students lock this date in and be ready to possibly sacrifice this day off regular sports or activities to make this event.

I will be testing students a little differently than in previous years. All juniors will be tested each week on a pattern and sparring. For the first time I have added 3 boxes to their test for each week… attitude, behaviour, and effort. Students will need to bring their A-game each and every week to satisfy these 3 new principles.

For all new students who do not know the process… I will keep all students’ grading sheets, and each week the students will work through their tasks. Some senior students may need to attend a few classes this term where there is a breaking machine as they will need to complete their breaks.



Effective immediately, there will no longer be a Friday night class at Camp Hill. I have decided to move that class to our Wakerley venue at the Meals On Wheels complex.

The new Friday class time will be from 4pm to 5 pm for all levels/juniors/seniors.

Following this 4 to 5 pm class, I will be trialling a few new themed classes that we will offer each week. These classes will go from 5 to 6:30 pm and rotate every 3 weeks. If you are unsure of what themed week it is, check out the calendar page on our website.





TUTORING – this class is designed for students who need help with any part of their training. Think of it like a private tutor where students will attend and talk/work closely with our instructor team to improve an element of their training. I have never offered this class and hope that students will be true to themselves and brave enough to identify their weaknesses and want to fix them. Our team can work on technical aspects, sparring, breaking, power, speed, strength, confidence, theory, competitions, mental strength, etc. Our team can also sit down and listen/ help with any anxiety, depression, low self-esteem or other mental health issues that you could be dealing with. Any age or level can attend this class.


STRIKING AND FITNESS – This class is a fun one for the whole family. Think of a class where you put some gloves on, listen to some music and punch and kick some pads and bags. Striking is a proven way to release your anger and frustrations and who doesn’t get a little angry at times. This class will show you a wide range of striking/combo’s/exercises, mixed with some fitness. Even if you have never thrown a punch in your life, this class is for you. I am sure some of the kids would love to see their mum and dad come in and spend some time with them doing their TKD. This class is for all levels, and you will only be asked to do activities within your means at your chosen tempo. I am excited to see some parents and siblings attend with our regular students, so don’t be shy to pop in for a try. The only negative will be that you will have to put up with my music playlist.


BLACK BELT/INSTRUCTOR CLASS – This class will be for all black belts and will focus on our more intricate and demanding black belt program. We will also use this class to train our black belts on how to be better leaders and future assistants/instructors.


In case that didn’t make sense, below are our new Friday classes at Wakerley! There is not a Camp Hill class on Friday!

4 to 5pm for all students each week.

5 to 6.30pm themed class that you can view on our calendar.



This Saturday is the Grand Master’s seminar at the Sunshine Coast. Please enrol if you plan on attending. All black belts and red belts should be attending these where possible.



I have sent out all fee agreements for term 2. You now have the option to use the BPAY function. This is just a reminder that no one will be transferring directly to my account for training fees but paying me in person will be fine for those who do that.



On May 4th there will be a small sparring competition at North Lakes. If any students are interested in attending, please book in below.

 For any of our sparring team, we will have sparring training session on ANZAC DAY as there won’t be any regular classes that day. It will be at Wakerley from 3 to 5pm and cost $10 each to cover the hire fee.










With such a busy term ahead I think we will all deserve a bit of fun to end the term. On the last day of the term on Friday the 21st June we will have a dress up Disco. I will send out more details as it gets closer.


Good luck to all students this term. Attend class with a  positive attitude and you will achieve the results you are chasing!


Chief Instructor Tom