Welcome back to term 3.

We have a busy term ahead so let’s get stuck in!


The ITF Taekwondo Nationals in under 1 month away (on the 12th and 13th of August). This is another big competition that will be held on the Sunshine Coast.

The Black Belts will competing on the Saturday and the Colour Belts and Juniors competing on the Sunday.

All Juniors will be welcome to attend as the events will be the same as the competition that we held recently.

  • Sparring
  • Patterns
  • Special techniques
  • Power breaking

Below is a link to register and it has a $10 discount included.


With this big competition fast approaching, we will be running some weekend competition classes at St Thomas Primary at Camp Hill. All students that are interested in attending the comp will need to try to get to these – as we don’t have any time to practice in class time (as we are working on our grading requirements for our new belts).

*If you are sparring make sure to bring your mouth guard.


Our Grand Master will be in town to run a pattern only technical seminar. All senior students and in particular the Red Belts and higher, are expected to attend this seminar as a part of your grading requirements.


Starting week 4, our instructors will start our grading process in class. Chief Instructor Tom will be asking that senior students perform their Fitness tests and quizzes at home and send through confirmation.

Due to having such a busy term 3, we will most likely not going to have a grading or performance day. Instead, we will try to get everyone graded from week 4 to week 8 in class.

All Red/Black belts will be spoken to in class and, if ready, we will most likely set a date to perform a final test in week 7 or 8.